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Sunchase at James Madison Apartments
Sunchase has provided me with a place that feels like home. I have privacy, and their kind and professional maintenance staff ensures that everything functions properly. I can relax by the pool on a sunny day or lounge in the clubhouse when it rains
--Veronika Zabolotnyi
Harrisonburg Apartments - Sunchase at James Madison
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Roommate Connection

Looking for a roommate or a room?  Post your message to our Roommate Connection! 

The Roommate Connection seeks to provide a platform to connect renters with MSC Residents who are looking for roommates.  All posts must adhere to the Federal, State and Local Fair Housing laws.  It is illegal to discriminate against any person because of Race, Color, Religion, Sex, Handicap, Familial Status, National Origin and Elderliness.

Please remember that any information you post on this public bulletin board will be visible to all users of the site, and they will be able to send you replies.  All postings will be reviewed by Sunchase for content before they appear on the website, usually within 24 hours.

No transaction is complete until all appropriate paperwork has been completed through the Sunchase office. Do not send any money until Sunchase has approved your application.  There is a $35 fee to process an application.

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Lease take over Aug 7, 2014 2
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6 month Lease Takeover Aug 7, 2014 1
6 month Lease Takeover Aug 7, 2014 0
We are thrilled to announce that among the nearly one hundred and fifty companies that utilize Satisfacts, a third party surveying company, Management Services Corporation has been awarded 2011 National Resident Satisfaction Award for Superior Customer Service.
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